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The Research, Policy & Collective Action Department includes programming for Education Staff at TCG's Member Theatres. This programming disseminates research and information to theatre education professionals, gives visibility to the work of the theatre education sector of the field and provides professional development to the field.

Please Fill Out the TCG Education Survey 2014! 

It's time to fill out your TCG Education Survey 2014! Since 1999, Theatre Communications Group has surveyed member theatres about their education programs. The results of the surveys are featured each year in an annual Special Report on Education. Theatres that complete their survey will find their detailed profile posted on the TCG website and will have the ability to compare and contrast their program information to other programs nationwide through our online search tool and reporting tool. TCG’s reporting tool allows you to select specific search criteria and pull a customized report to learn more about field-wide demographics, staffing, programming, etc.. We also have an extensive searchable database of student study guides published by member theatres. Help to make these valuable resources even more comprehensive by filling out your survey today! Submissions are due Tuesday, May 26, 2015.

TCG Education Survey 2013 Results and a Special Report on Education 2013

Each year, TCG publishes an Education Report which offers case studies and data on education programming at TCG Member Theatres. The TCG Special Report on Education 2013 begins with a note about the release of the 2014 National Core Arts Standards in June 2014 and then presents reflections from staff at six theatres, which illustrate the essential impact of various education and community partnerships on their theatres and their communities.

This year’s report features improved graphics and analysis of the results of TCG Education Survey 2013 and education-related data from TCG Fiscal Survey 2013. It examines education personnel, programming, age group and school level demographics of education departments, as reported by 101 TCG Member Theatres in Education Survey 2013, as well as data from Fiscal Survey 2013 relating to education programming income and expenses from 176 participating Member Theatres.
You can view an archive of previous Education Reports here.

Professional Development

Education Teleconferences: Part of TCG's Theatre Professionals Teleconferences and offered in the spring and fall, education teleconferences provide education staff at member theatres an opportunity to share information, ideas, problems and solutions with peers throughout the country. Topics have included partnerships and working alliances, building stronger student matinee and touring programs, integrated approaches to education through the arts in public schools, internal and external advocacy, assessment and artist training. Teleconference rounds typically run from February through June and September through December. If you have any questions, please send an email to education, research & collective action associate Alissa Moore.

TEAM Resources: The project, Building a National TEAM: Theatre Education Assessment Models, was developed by a Working Group of education directors, guided by a national assessment consultant, and directed by TCG’s education program staff. After deepening their own learning about assessment, the Working Group collectively designed and executed two phases of professional development training in consultation with the project consultant and TCG staff, that took the form of a Pre-Conference convening to TCG’s National Conference in 2007 and again in 2010. During Phase One the group delivered more than 15 assessment models for use in the field of professional theatre education. The models are assessment models or templates that can be adapted to various theatre education programs. The TEAM Working Group focused specifically on four types of models: Observations, Performance Tasks, Portfolios and Surveys. Phase Two was an opportunity for participants to learn how to build valid and reliable conclusions based on their assessment findings, strengthening their ability to interpret the data collected from assessment to create reports for different stakeholders. The aim of this work is not only to improve the quality and skills of education directors, but also to continue to help establish a focus on the assessment process and the creation of an assessment community at the national level. To find out more please see the TEAM portion of TCG's website.

For more information about Education Programs at TCG please contact Laurie Baskin, director of research, policy & collective action.