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Education Profile

Education Department Leader Joseph Giardina
Title: Education Director
Phone: (212) 229-2819 x 18
Education Staff
# of Full-Time Education Staff: 2
# of Part-Time Education Staff:   0
# of Artist Educators: 11
# of Education Interns: 1
# of Education Volunteers: 1
Education Program Audience Demographics:
Percentage of # of people served by education programming for each age group
Ages 5-11:   12%
Ages 12-18:   31%
Ages 19-25:   3%
Ages 26-40:   4%
Ages 41-60:   15%
Ages 61 & over:   35%
Number of People Served by All Education Programming N/A
Number of K-Graduate Level Students Served by the Education Programs 2,250
Education Endowment Theatre does not have an endowment whose income is restricted to support education programs.

Student Matinees
Free student matinees offered: No

Total number of student matinee performances your theatre offered: 1

Total number of students that attended those student matinees: 1,416
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Theatre Education
Adult Classes
Teen Classes
Children's Classes
Workshops/Classes at: Schools
Summer Programs/Camps
Residency-in-School Programs
Professional Development for Teachers, Teaching Artists and Staff
Guides: Teacher
Student Matinees
Literacy Programs
Adult Programs
Partnerships (with other theatres, social services, schools or other special interest groups)
Assessment Tools
measuring student development
Each of our program evaluations contains a component to measure student development. Classroom teachers complete the qualitative evaluation on reading comprehension, self-expression, social interaction, written and oral response, and critical thinking skills.

Evaluation Tools
measuring the effectiveness of programs
The qualitative evaluation includes measurements of student learning, teaching artist effectiveness and curriculum guide effectiveness. Evaluations use the Lickert Scale and provide room for comments.

Education Department has a long-range planning process.
Education Department
Mission Statement
Founded in 1979 by Jeffrey Horowitz, the mission of Theatre for a New Audience is to help develop and vitalize the performance and study of Shakespeare and classic drama. The Theatre produces for audiences Off-Broadway and has also toured nationally and internationally. In 2001, The Theatre became the first American theatre company to be invited to bring a production of Shakespeare to the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) when the Theatre’s production of Cymbeline, directed by Bartlett Sher, premiered at the RSC's Other Place Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon. The Theatre returned to the RSC in 2007 with a production of The Merchant of Venice starring F. Murray Abraham, directed by Darko Tresnjak.

Theatre for a New Audience discovers the contemporary heart of the classics. A reverence for language, spirit of adventure and visual boldness mark the Theatre's productions. The Theatre nurtures relationships with some of the world's most talented leading and emerging artists.

Theatre for A New Audience created and runs the largest program in New York City’s Public Schools for introducing Shakespeare. The Theatre provides teachers with professional development, places artists in-residence in the classroom and brings students to matinee performances of the same award-winning productions seen by the Theatre’s adult audiences. Several thousand students take part each year and roughly 118,000 have been served since the program began in 1984.
Description of
Education Programs
World Theatre Project:13-week, in-school residency program for elementary, middle, and high school students. Instituted in 1984, the World Theatre Project combines the experience of seeing a classical play with in-depth classroom work and professional development for teachers. The World Theatre Project uses a holistic approach to developing listening, speaking, reading, writing and critical thinking skills. The program was designed with the thought that if properly prepared, young people will respond to the timeless themes of classical plays.

New Voices Project:13-week, in-school residency for high school students focused on playwriting. The aim of the New Voices program is to provide students with the tools to create written work in the dramatic medium for the empowerment of their own voices. The program utilizes classroom visits by a TFANA trained teaching artist and professional readings by trained actors to teach the elements of playwriting.

Young Voices Project:12-week, in-school residency for elementary and middle school students focused on playwriting. The aim of the Young Voices program is to provide students with the tools to create written work in the dramatic medium for the empowerment of their own voices. The program utilizes classroom visits by teaching artists who use improvisational exercises to teach the various elements of playwriting. Students perform exercises which teach conflict, character, setting and conflict resolution; they then write short scenes to demonstrate what they have learned.

TFANA Talks: Free post-show discussions with noted artists and scholars.

New Deal Dialogue: Free pre-show discussions with TFANA’s Education Director.

Summer Arts Institute: 4-week intensive summer drama/acting program for grades 8-12, in partnership with the New York City Department of Education.

Shakespeare Fellows Project: 2-week intensive summer program for NYC public school teachers focusing on specific themes from Shakespeare’s plays.

American Directors Project: The American Directors Project (ADP) was established in 1997 to promote the development of American directors of Shakespeare. Each season, TFANA invites six to eight young to mid-career directors to work with Cicely Berry, Director of Voice, Royal Shakespeare Company, and a company of actors.

Robert Williams Workshop: Robert Neff Williams, distinguished teacher of voice technique at the Juilliard School, leads a three-week workshop focusing on performance approaches to works by classical playwrights other than Shakespeare. Fifteen actors are invited to participate in the workshop each year.
Three Highlights and
1) Produced a winter-spring season of Shakespeare's Othello and Hamlet.

2) Doubled the number of teachers served of our Shakespeare Fellows Project.

3) Attained financial goal to break ground for our first home in Brooklyn.
Three Long-Term Goals for
the Education Department
1) Develop education programs for our Brooklyn-based new home.

2) Expand the number of participating schools in our program.

3) Create an interactive Educational Resource Website.
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