California Shakespeare Theater

Contact Information:
Theater, 701 Heinz Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710-2732
Business: (510) 548-3422, Box Office: 510-548-9666, Other Phone: (510) 548-9666, FAX: 510-843-9921

Education Profile

Education Department Leader Trish Tillman
Title: Director of Artistic Learning
Phone: (510) 548-3422 x 115
Education Staff
# of Full-Time Education Staff: 3
# of Part-Time Education Staff:   1
# of Artist Educators: 46
# of Education Interns: 10
# of Education Volunteers: 5
Education Program Audience Demographics:
Percentage of # of people served by education programming for each age group
Ages 5-11:   20%
Ages 12-18:   20%
Ages 19-25:   15%
Ages 26-40:   15%
Ages 41-60:   15%
Ages 61 & over:   15%
Number of People Served by All Education Programming N/A
Number of K-Graduate Level Students Served by the Education Programs 4,500
Education Endowment Theatre does not have an endowment whose income is restricted to support education programs.

Student Matinees
Free student matinees offered: No

Total number of student matinee performances your theatre offered: 2

Total number of students that attended those student matinees: 3,147
Federal Funding [The information collected in the Federal Funding section is confidential and will not be reflected on individual theatre profiles.]
Theatre Education
Workshops/Classes at: Schools
Summer Programs/Camps
Residency-in-School Programs
Professional Development for Teachers, Teaching Artists and Staff
College/University Partnerships
Conservatory/Professional Training Programs
Guides: Student Study Guides
Guides: Teacher
Student Matinees
Literacy Programs
Distance Learning via: Internet
Assessment Tools
measuring student development
During residencies, students complete an assessment/evaluation of themselves before the residency and then again after the residency to compare their skill level and confidence in various aspects before and after the experience. Through both of these evaluations we can see any improvements in the students within various aspects of their education.

Evaluation Tools
measuring the effectiveness of programs
Theatre does not have evaluation tools by which the overall effectiveness of a program is measured.

Education Department has a long-range planning statement.
Education Department has a long-range planning process.
Education Department
Mission Statement
We strive for everyone, regardless of age, circumstance, or background, to discover and express the relevance of Shakespeare and the classics in their lives.
We make boldly imagined and deeply entertaining interpretations of Shakespeare and the classics.
We provide in-depth, far-reaching artistic learning programs for learners of all ages and circumstances.
We bring disparate communities together around the creation of new American plays that reflect the cultural diversity of the Bay Area.
Description of
Education Programs
California Shakespeare Theater offers programs for students throughout the year including, Summer Theater Programs, In-School Residencies, After-School Classes, and Professional Development Workshops for Classroom Teachers, Teaching Artists, and Educators.
Three Highlights and
1) All three of our 2009 Romeo and Juliet Student Matinees were sold out to Bay Area Students.

2) Our 2009 Summer Theater Conservatories (one Two-Week and one Five-Week) have sold out with 78 students per program.

3) Our In-School Residencies served 42 classrooms and 978 students in the Spring Semester of 2009.
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Samantha Fryer
Artistic Learning Administrations Manager
Phone: (510) 548-3422 x 105

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