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Welcome to TCG Fiscal Survey 2014!

For many of our member theatres, participation in the TCG Fiscal Survey has become a routine annual activity that has proven well worth the time, effort and, admittedly, a small measure of pain! Members have long told us that the work they put into our survey creates a fiscal template for their organizations—one that serves as a foundation for a variety of grant applications and donor correspondence. For many theatres, the Fiscal Survey process further provides an unparalleled opportunity to take stock of, and improve upon, the financial systems that they have in place.

And the rewards do not stop there! The data gathered in the Fiscal Survey becomes the basis for Theatre Facts, TCG’s annual in-depth industry report. Available to all member theatres, as well as the general public, Theatre Facts provides analysis of the U.S. professional not-for-profit theatre field and is a vital advocacy and policy tool for theatre professionals, trustees, funders, policy makers, educators and the press. Member theatres that complete the Fiscal Survey see even more benefits, gaining access to an astounding amount of information—budget group analyses, theatre to theatre comparisons, income to expense ratios for other regions and so much more—available in online reporting tools and raw data beginning in June.

For those of you who are habitual Fiscal Survey participants, we welcome you to another round! For those of you who have never participated, or who have taken a Fiscal Survey “hiatus,” we encourage you to consider participating this year for your own sake and for the field as a whole. As always, the greater the response by our membership, the more fully we are able to serve you by producing an accurate, representative picture of our industry.

Reports: TCG Fiscal Survey 2013

Theatre Facts 2013 was published in Fall 2014 and is available for download by all TCG member theatres and other interested parties. Theatre Facts reports from 2000-2012 are also available online, as are the companion stories subsequently published each November in American Theatre magazine.

The 176 TCG member theatres that completed Fiscal Survey 2013 also have exclusive online access to comprehensive survey data. Through the "TCG Fiscal Survey 2013 Reports" link, survey participants have the ability to generate standard or customized reports or download the 2013 raw data in its entirety. Participants can also view the complete surveys of individual theatres by selecting "Participating Theatres 2013." Reporting tools and data for Fiscal Survey 2013 will be available online until June 2015.

For questions and further information about the TCG Fiscal Survey, please contact Ilana B. Rose, associate director of research & collective action, at


FINAL Deadline:
March 11, 2015

TCG Fiscal Survey 2013 Reports

Participating Theatres 2013