Research & Resources

TCG conducts research to assess the changing needs and conditions of the theatre community, provides resources through publications and events and offers professional development opportunities for theatre managers and trustees.

Publicly Available


Theatre Facts

Based upon TCG's annual Fiscal Survey, Theatre Facts is the only document analyzing the national not-for-profit theatre field and is a vital advocacy and policy tool for trustees, foundation and corporation executives, policymakers and national press.

Snapshot Surveys

Snapshot Surveys are short surveys focusing on various topics such as: employee benefits, online ticket sales and contributions, governing boards, fiscal health and education reports. This format allows TCG to gather and to disseminate information quickly and to identify new areas for investigation.

Arts Education

TCG provides research for theatre education professionals, gives visibility to theatre education work and strives to provide professional development opportunities for theatre education staff.

Other Research Reports

Reports are available of conversations between TCG Board Members and TCG Member Theatres, as well as findings from collaborative projects between TCG and other arts organizations.


This is TCG's national employment bulletin for the Arts.

Audience (R)Evolution
Research & Resources Hub

As part of TCG's strategic initiative Audience (R)Evolution, the Research & Resources Hub includes a comprehensive literature review, recent field-wide research, essays, articles from Audience (R)Evolution grantees, and archived videos from past Audience (R)Evolution Convenings to facilitate the program’s commitment to widespread dissemination of innovative and impactful audience-engagement and community-development practice.

Theatre Profiles

An online compendium of information about TCG Member Theatres and their productions, dating back to 1995. Each completed profile contains a wealth of information such as: names of leadership, any AEA Contracts, facility details and any specialized interests.

Disaster Management

TCG’s Disaster Management page contains extensive resources including: a teleconference recording and research on theatre readiness/disaster assistance organizations, disaster philanthropy and federal disaster support for theatre.

Other Resources

TCG's other resources include New Plays in Production, the Stage Matters video, American Theatre Archives, Information Requests and Referral Services and professional development resources.

For Member Theatres Only

Fiscal Survey

This comprehensive annual survey, verified by an audit, collects a Member Theatre's balance sheet, detailed income statement and provides various examinations including personnel, attendance and ticket sales.

Salary Survey

TCG conducts an annual survey of compensation levels for over 70 job titles common among not-for-profit theatres. This survey is conducted as a service to participating TCG Member Theatres. The report is confidential and is made available exclusively to leaders of participating Member Theatres.

Brain Bank

The TCG Brain Bank is currently on hold as we assess the program. If you have questions about the TCG Brain Bank, and/or contacting a peer for knowledge exchange, please contact Ilana Rose. The TCG Brain Bank is a peer network of theatre professionals, who have volunteered their time, guidance and support to their colleagues. TCG gathers requests from those wanting to share their expertise (Knowledge Donors) and those seeking support (Peers), and facilitates matches based on the Knowledge Donor's experience and the Peer's stated challenges. Brain Bank is open to executive leaders, senior level staff and trustees at TCG Member Theatres.