Other Tools & Research

New Plays in Production

Our newest web endeavor at TCG, the New Plays in Production section provides information on recently developed plays in production at our member theatres.

Stage Matters

This video captures artists, theatre leaders, patrons, educators, corporate executives and politicians around the country as they emphatically speak about the value of theatre and challenges we face in an ever-changing environment.

Snapshot Surveys

Snapshot Surveys are short surveys that focus on various topics such as software and technology, international collaborations, touring and the effects of 9/11 on the theatre field. This format allows TCG to gather and disseminate information quickly and to identify new areas for investigation. Some Snapshot Surveys are more comprehensive and are administered at regular intervals. These include the Employee Benefits Survey, Governing Boards Survey and Education Survey.

Centerpieces and Special Reports

Directed to theatre staff and board members, this section offers in-depth analyses, case studies and resource tools on specific management issues, as well as reports on research conducted by TCG's Management Programs department. Topics include governance, marketing, development, education and general management issues and are curated by specialists in each area.

Collaborative Research Projects

Though the bulk of our research projects are conducted in-house, we occasionally participate in collaborative research projects with organizations like the League of American Orchestras, the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Dance/USA and Opera America.

American Theatre Archives

All American Theatre articles that have appeared online since December 1999 are available through the website as a resource.

Resource List for TCG Fall Forum on Governance

Provided each year as suggested reading for participants in TCG's Fall Forum on governance, this extensive list of online and offline resources is a valuable portal to information on a wide variety of management-related topics.

Searchable Document Archives

Using the tool on the left side of this page, you can search our complete archives by keyword (governance, visa, marketing, etc.) for research and other resources. Use the drop-menu to narrow your search by document type. To see all documents within your selected category, leave the search field blank.

Information Requests and Referral Services

If you are unable to find the data you are looking for on the website, you may request specific information from our offline resources by email. TCG has resource files for inquiries about performance reviews, job descriptions, organizational structure, trustee evaluation, software packages, facility construction and renovations and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) issues. Direct email requests to Ilana Rose, management programs research associate. Please specify whether or not your request is deadline sensitive.