Snapshot Survey Reports

Snapshot Surveys are short surveys focusing on various topics such as fiscal health, education, governing boards, employee benefits and online ticket sales and contributions. This format allows TCG to gather and to disseminate information quickly and to identify new areas for investigation.

Annual Snapshot Surveys:

Taking Your Fiscal Pulse

The Taking Your Fiscal Pulse reports convey timely information on the extent to which theatres are meeting their budgetary goals for their fiscal year, share theatres' projections for the next fiscal year and reflect their current concerns.

Education Reports

Archived on this page are TCG's yearly reports focused on theatre education and formerly known as the Education Centerpiece. Each publication includes a narrative providing in-depth analysis, case studies or resources focused on education as well as tabulations from the annual Education Survey. The survey collects information about education and outreach programs at TCG Member Theatres. Theatres are asked to identify their education and audience development programs, staffing information, audience demographics, assessment and evaluation tools as well as education expenses and income pulled from the TCG Fiscal Survey.

Other Snapshot Surveys:

For questions about the following surveys, contact Ilana Rose, associate director of research & collective action.

Governing Boards Surveys

TCG periodically conducts Governing Boards Surveys that analyze not-for-profit board of directors' composition and structure, policies, development, committees and board/staff relations. This survey also profiles boards by age, gender, ethnicity and structure and defines board activities and priorities.

Employee Benefits Survey

TCG conducts a periodic Employee Benefits Survey which collects Member Theatre information on health insurance, retirement plans, disability and paid leave policies, along with professional development opportunities and other staff "perks."

Online Ticket Sales and Contributions

Technology is becoming a necessary part of how marketing and development departments operate. This survey gathered information on online ticket sales and contributions for TCG Member Theatres.