Field-Wide Leadership Video

Watch the video to hear testimonials about TCG’s impact on advocacy issues and international outreach.

“We advocate on the federal level for ten or more policy issues that affect artists and art in the United States and beyond.” —Teresa Eyring, Executive Director, Theatre Communications Group

“When I got back from Arts Advocacy Day with a delegation from TCG, I found that I returned to my work feeling like this is our moment, that we have to move people to support the arts in this country.” —Curt Columbus, Artistic Director, Trinity Repertory Company

“TCG has evolved; it has grown to include every aspect of theatre in the United States of America—and now to take on a global awareness and to try to connect us all around the world.” —Joan Schirle, Founding Artistic Director, Dell'Arte International

To celebrate TCG’s 50th Anniversary, we recorded theatre makers sharing the impact TCG makes in their lives. Their testimonials about our work with advocacy and international issues in the video above remind us how profoundly grateful we are to serve such a passionate and diverse field of theatre people. This Field-Wide Leadership emerges from our Core Values of Activism and Global Citizenship and manifests itself through all of our programming.

Field-Wide Leadership

TCG takes its leadership responsibility seriously, initiating and participating in a number of programs to advance its membership and the field overall. As a founding member of the Performing Arts Alliance, TCG leads federal advocacy efforts that have helped guard and increase NEA funding, ensure FEMA eligibility for theatres in disaster areas, and improve the timeliness of visa processing. TCG is currently working to ensure continued access to white space for wireless technologies used in theatre. Through the Performing Arts Alliance, TCG members (organizational and individual) receive regular updates and advocacy alerts on key issues affecting theatre. Every year, TCG sends a theatre delegation to Arts Advocacy Day in Washington, DC, organizing Hill visits with your Congressional representatives.

As the United States center for the International Theater Institute (ITI), TCG provides leadership on the international landscape, connecting its members to a network of more than 90 national centers across the globe. TCG programs foster international collaboration and exchange with geographically unrestricted travel grants, provide visa support letters to bring in foreign artists, and connect theatre practitioners around the globe.


Theatre has the power to shape and challenge ideas, inspire civic engagement, and ultimately change the world. Activism in communities across the nation led to the successful building of a national theatre field, and it is the same sense of activism that allows TCG to fight for effective cultural and economic policies.

Global Citizenship

Members of our national theatre community are citizens of a worldwide theatre community. Our national movement is increasingly a global movement. TCG leads by facilitating cross-border relationships among theatre practitioners. We promote international and cultural exchange in order to enhance our art form, while also deepening peace and understanding.

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