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The Performing Arts Alliance

The Performing Arts Alliance is the principal advocate for America's professional not for profit performing arts organizations and their publics in representing arts interests and advancing arts support before Congress and other branches of the federal government. Its new website contains information and background on the most pressing federal issues affecting the performing arts. The website also features the GetActive messaging and advocacy system which provides a simple and effective tool for communicating with and engaging grassroots members. Members receive Advocacy Reports and Action Alerts so they can be informed and, in turn, educate their elected officials about the importance of the performing arts. Join us today!

The Performing Arts Alliance's Founding Member Organizations:

The Association of Performing Arts Presenters is a membership organization including large performing arts centers and small presenters and is dedicated to bringing performing artists and audiences together.

Dance/USA is the national service organization for not-for-profit, professional dance.

The League of American Orchestras provides leadership and service to American orchestras while communicating to the public the value and importance of orchestras and the music they perform.

OPERA America serves and strengthens the field of opera by providing a variety of informational, technical and administrative resources to the greater opera community. Its fundamental mission is to promote opera as exciting and accessible to individuals from all walks of life.

The Performing Arts Alliance's Contributing Member Organizations:

Alternate Roots is an organization based in the Southern USA whose mission is to support the creation and presentation of original art, in all its forms, which is rooted in a particular community of place, tradition or spirit. As a coalition of cultural workers we strive to be allies in the elimination of all forms of oppression. ROOTS is committed to social and economic justice and the protection of the natural world and addresses these concerns through its programs and services.

American Composers Forum is committed to supporting composers and developing new markets for their music. Through granting, commissioning, and performance programs, the Forum provides composers at all stages of their careers with valuable resources for professional and artistic development. By linking communities with composers and performers, the Forum fosters a demand for new music, enriches communities, and helps develop the next generation of composers, musicians, and music patrons.

Chamber Music America serves the national ensemble music community by providing access to an array of professional resources and benefits, professional development seminars, grants and awards, and—through its National Conference and interactive website—opportunities to connect with musicians, presenters, managers and other chamber music professionals across the country.

Chorus America's mission is to build a dynamic and inclusive choral community so that more people are transformed by the beauty and power of choral singing.

Fractured Atlas is a national non-profit organization that helps artists and arts organizations function more effectively as businesses by providing access to funding, healthcare, education, and more, all in a context that honors their individuality and independent spirit.

The National Alliance for Musical Theatre is a national service organization dedicated exclusively to advancing musical theatre and the service of its members including theatres, presenting organizations, universities, and individual producers.

The National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to the promotion, advancement, development, and cultivation of the Latino arts field.

National Performance Network provides support for established and emerging artists in dance, music, theatre, performance art, puppetry, and spoken word and connects them with communities around two simple ideas—to help artists make work in their own neighborhoods and to cross geographic and cultural divides to increase the traffic of fresh, challenging artistic work.

Network of Ensemble Theatres is a national coalition of ensembles which exists to propel ensemble theater practice to the forefront of American culture and society. NET links a diverse array of ensembles and practitioners to one another and the performing arts field, encouraging collaborations and knowledge building and dissemination and supporting bold artistic and civic experiments that aim to heighten the impact and excellence of ensemble theater.

New Music USA is the result of a merger between American Music Center and Meet The Composer resulting in an exciting new organization serving music-makers and their audiences in the twenty-first century. Their temporary website that will grow to connect their audience to the lives, creative processes and the music of living composers.

Other National Arts Advocacy Organizations

Americans for the Arts works to advance the arts in America, and is dedicated to representing and serving local communities and creating opportunities for every American to participate in and appreciate all forms of the arts. Local arts agencies throughout the U.S. comprise its core constituency. This website details voting records and lists committees and staff responsible for arts issues.

Arts Education Partnership is a national coalition of arts, education, business, philanthropic, and government organizations that demonstrates and promotes the essential role of the arts in the learning and development of every child and in the improvement of America's schools. It also includes state and local partnerships focused on influencing education policies and practices to promote quality arts education. The Arts Education Partnership was formed in 1995 through a cooperative agreement among the: National Endowment for the Arts, U.S. Department of Education, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, Council of Chief State School Officers.

Independent Sector is a coalition of leading nonprofits, foundations and corporations strengthening not-for-profit initiative, philanthropy, and citizen action.

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) is the membership organization of the nation's state and jurisdictional arts agencies. It empowers state arts agencies through strategic assistance that fosters leadership, enhances planning and decision making, and increases resources.

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