Dispatches from the Field

New from TCG Books, Audience Revolution: Dispatches from the Field, Edited by Caridad Svich

Theatre Communications Group is pleased to announce the publication of a new installment in our series of specially curated TCG Sourcebooks, Audience Revolution: Dispatches from the Field, edited by Caridad Svich.

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Contributors include:

Tanuja Amarasuriya • Brian Bell • Deborah Brevoort • Alison Carey • Lenora Champagne • Clay McLeod Chapman • Lisa D’Amour • Nathan Alan Davis • J.J. El-Far • Larissa FastHorse • Andy Field • Amparo Garcia-Crow • Jacqueline Goldfinger • Dipika Guha • Juli Hendren • Brian Eugenio Herrera • Melissa Hillman • Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway • Michael Hoyt • Jeff Janisheski Callie Kimball • Adrianne Krstansky • Kevin Lawler • Corey Madden • Ana Margineanu • Diana Damian Martin • Justin Maxwell • Applied Mechanics • Elsa Menéndez • Richard Montoya • Steve Moore • Itamar Moses • Barney Norris • Kira Obolensky • Jules Odendahl-James • Sylvan Oswald • Katie Pearl • Bill Rauch • Thomas Riccio • Jay Ruby Madeline Sayet • Ashley Sparks • Caridad Svich • Carlton Turner • Roberto G. Varea • Dave White • Jake Witlen • Deborah Yarchun

Caridad Svich received a 2012 OBIE Award for Lifetime Achievement in the theatre, a 2012 Edgerton Foundation New Play Award for GUAPA, and the 2011 American Theatre Critics Association Primus Prize for her play The House of the Spirits, based on the Isabel Allende novel.

TCG Sourcebooks is a new series which gathers resources and field conversations generated from current TCG programs. Each volume is published in both paperback and eBook editions and offers varied perspectives by and for theatre practitioners. Other titles in this series include Innovation in Five Acts: Strategies for Theatre and Performance, edited by Caridad Svich


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