artEquity and TCG's Vision for 100&Change




100&Change is a MacArthur Foundation competition for a $100 million grant to fund a single proposal that will make measurable progress toward solving a significant problem.




We are at an interesting time in our nation's history. We have the resources and experience to create a future built on equity, justice, and inclusion, and yet we face barriers to this future every day.


TCG and artEquity have been building a movement at the intersection of art and activism, partnering to provide the theatre field with deep skills-building and analysis on race and other forms of identity. This movement-building occurs through programs like the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Institute, the At the Intersections arc at TCG's National Conference, artEquity's facilitator training, and more. We believe we can create a structured pathway for people across this nation to engage in this work and learn to value one another's humanity, ultimately ending structural racism and other forms of oppression.




A $100 million grant will make it possible for us to scale up our work. We intend to train 12,000 facilitators in six years, as well as develop capacity for 10-15 regional training centers housed in theatres, universities, and other community organizations.




For us, success means building a critical mass of individuals with the language, tools, and resources to create a radical shift in our national discourse. It means an increased level of empathy in our country.


For generations, artists and activists have been building community. Join us in strengthening our our country's commitment to fighting structural inequities, and creating a better world for theatre, and a better world because of theatre.


artEquity provides tools, resources, and training to support the intersection of art and activism. 
There is a growing movement within the arts community, one that has been building for some time. There is growing understanding that issues of equity are not only central to the health of our communities, but also to the success and longevity of the arts. We know that art can not exist without community, and community can not exist with out justice. However, without strategic coordination of efforts, resources, and capacity building, many opportunities will be lost or short-lived. A national facilitator training program can support a growing movement of engaged arts professionals. Ultimately, the goal of the artEquity training is to create a diverse, well-equipped cadre of national facilitators who can support equity-based initiatives nation-wide. Alumni of the training are supported in sustaining peer networks, intentional collaboration, and ongoing learning.


TCG's vision is: A better world for theatre. A better world because of theatre.
TCG will become the catalytic center of a network of theatre people building more creative, diverse and civically engaged communities through theatre. Participation in theatre will be widely recognized as a right of every individual, a necessity for every community and a uniting force nationally and internationally.

In an increasingly interconnected, non-hierarchical and resource-stressed world, TCG will be the hub of an interdependent, inclusive and sustainable theatre field. TCG will harness our digital, high-tech future to champion the value of local, high-touch human connection. Our programming and core values will ripple through the primary partnership of our Member Theatres and other partner organizations to empower all theatre people and the communities they serve.