Cohort Two was launched in June 2016 during Round One of the Mellon Foundation’s support of the EDI Institute. In September 2018, the Cohort had its final round of post-Conference one-on-one follow-up calls with TCG staff. Their third and final webinar, reviewing takeaways and reflections from the June 2018 restorative justice convening and pressing EDI challenges, took place in October 2018, and Cohort Two convened for their exit meeting in New York City during the November 2018 TCG Fall Forum on Governance. TCG and the cohort experienced formative experiences around microaggressions and re-centering the voices of People of Color; these learning opportunities have shaped the ongoing structure of the EDI Institute and deeply influenced the Cohort Two participants.





                                   ACT - A Contemporary Theatre                                Mu Performing Arts

                                  Bricolage Production Company                                New Native Theatre

                                  Center Theatre Group                                                   People’s Light

                                  Crowded Fire Theater Company                              Ping Chong + Company          

                                  Denver Center for the Performing Arts                Shakespeare Theatre Company                  

                                  dog & pony dc                                                                     Southern Rep Theatre

                                  East West Players                                                            TeAda Productions

                                  Guthrie Theater                                                                Teatro del Pueblo

                                  Marin Theatre Company                                              Two River Theater Company

                                  McCarter Theatre Center

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