Cohort Three, which was launched in September 2017, is comprised of 23 staff from 9 Predominantly White Theatres (PWTs). Similar to Cohort Two, the third cohort’s FY19 activities consisted of one-on-one calls in September 2018 and a cohort-specific convening during the November 2018 Fall Forum. Participants also joined in post-Forum one-on-one calls in February 2019 and their fourth meeting together at the June 2019 National Conference in Miami.

In an effort to help PWTs develop the competencies and tools needed to improve EDI within their institutions, the specialized Cohort Three curriculum focuses on three areas of transformation: 1) developing new or revised systems, including assessment strategies, policies on hiring and recruitment, and EDI workgroups; 2) examining structures, including all-gender restrooms and accessibility best practices for buildings; and 3) addressing organizational culture, including drafting EDI values statements, acknowledging and disrupting microaggressions through “calling-in,” and discussing antidotes to white supremacist norms.




                                   Actors Theatre of Louisville                              Geva Theatre

                                  American Shakespeare Center                        Park Square Theatre

                                  Arkansas Repertory Theatre                            Playwrights’ Center

                                  Company One Theatre                                         The Playwright’s Realm                               

                                  Dorset Theatre Festival                                       Shotgun Players

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