Cohort Four is the Institute’s first cohort comprised exclusively of representatives of Theatres of Color (TOCs) and Networks of TOCs. The concept of such a cohort, which would address EDI needs distinct from those of PWTs, was initiated at the June 2018 “From the Roots” TOC gathering at the TCG National Conference in St. Louis and was further raised during a series of regional Networks of TOC meetings. A year of conversations and relationship-building helped TCG and the Cohort members identify unifying themes and ideas that would comprise the curriculum. Cohort Four’s curriculum consists of four focus areas: 1) skills-building workshops on fundraising, marketing, business models, and other ‘nuts-and-bolts’ topics; 2) networking with foundations to provide TOCs greater access to critical relationships and resources, including TCG programs and services; 3) continued EDI analysis-building through an intersectional framework; and 4) collective action to address the systemic racism TOCs face.







                                Black Theatre Network                                                              2g

                               Black Vitality Commission                                                      Tradewind Arts

                               Black Theatre Commons                                                          Teatro Luna and Teatro Luna West   

                               Consortium of Asian American Theaters & Artists    Art2action, Inc.

                               Latinx Theatre Commons                                                        Noor Theatre

                               New Venture Theatre                                                                 Golden Thread Productions

                               Arena Players                                                                                Indigenous Direction

                               NC Black Repertory Company                                              Eagle Project

                               CRAFT Institute                                                                           Native Voices at the Autry









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