by Mark Olsen
directed by Ethan McSweeny
originally produced at The Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, CA.
May 16,2009 through June 21, 2009

About the Premiere Production:

From the creator of the hit HBO series “Big Love” comes an epic slice of history – from an angle you haven’t seen. Welcome to Alabama, 1970. The weather is hot, and recently-divorced beauty queen Cornelia Folsom is hotter still. Cornelia has her eye set on Governor George Wallace, and will do anything to be the next first lady of Alabama. Campaign staffers don’t trust her, and a scandal-tinged love affair is not what any politician needs. But this is the South, and there’s more than hanky-panky going on in this sweeping, provocative tale of sex, power, and bare-knuckled American politics.

Artistic Statement

From Old Globe Executive Producer Lou Spisto: In today’s world the lines between the political and private persona may (or may not) blurred as almost nothing is “off limits” in the present media environment. This play takes a fascinating and well timed look at a period when that wasn’t necessarily the case as it peels back the covers looks and into the lives of one of American histories most interesting political couples. Mark Olsen, who has a brilliant way with simple, honest and entertaining dialogue and character, as evidenced in his series "Big Love", has written a relevant and entertaining piece that peels back those famous personas and shows the real personal and political motivations that that them together and into our lives for a brief but well documented time in our political past.

Director:Ethan McSweeny

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