Managing Maxine

by Janece Shaffer
directed by Susan V. Booth
originally produced at Alliance Theatre, Atlanta, GA.
October 8,2008 through November 2, 2008

About the Premiere Production:

All great love feels like young love, whatever your age – the giddy discovery, the unexpected rush, the surprising insecurity and the soaring euphoria. It is wonderful, it is terrible – and it is the last thing Maxine expects to interrupt her perfectly happy life at 70. But in this romantic comedy by Atlanta favorite Janece Shaffer, Maxine is about to discover the power of love and its ability to wreck havoc on stable, organized lives.

Shaffer has created memorable characters, a rich emotional palate, and complicated but truthful family dynamics. A play that provokes laughter and tears in equal measure, it will leave audiences celebrating and with a reason to look forward to growing older with the richness that wisdom and experience bring to love.

Artistic Statement

Managing Maxine is a valentine of a play that celebrates true love’s capacity to transcend all of our expectations. And its racy, and it’s funny, and it has a quartet of juicy roles for actors “of a certain age.” We think it’s a play our audience wants, needs, and deserves.

Director: Susan V. Booth
Set Design:Joseph Tilford
Lighting Design:Deb Sullivan
Sound Design:Hadden Kime
Costume Design:Linda Roethke

Additional Funders:

AGL Resources Private Foundation

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