Speak American

by Eric Simonson
directed by Eric Simonson
originally produced at City Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA.
May 7,2009 through May 31, 2009

About the Premiere Production:

Academy Award-winner Eric Simonson returns with his new play commissioned by City Theatre to celebrate Pittsburgh 250. Set in 1904 in an English language class for newly immigrated steelworkers, Speak American explores heritage, pride, and the meaning of home.

Artistic Statement

From Tracy Brigden – Artistic Director, City Theatre: Eric Simonson is an experienced playwright and a superb craftsman who counts City Theatre and the Steppenwolf Theatre Company as his artistic homes. One of Simonson’s trademarks is the way that he uses character and language to evoke history and a sense of place. In his best work, you encounter individuals whose actions are deeply rooted in a specific time and location, but whose conflicts and choices are universal in nature. Simonson’s plays explore serious social issues and reflect his own engagement with challenging moral and ethical ideas. We are pleased to present this play as our contribution to the celebration of Pittsburgh’s 250th birthday.

Director:Eric Simonson
Set Design:Tony Ferrieri
Lighting Design:Andrew David Ostrowski
Sound Design:Elizabeth Atkinson

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