King Liz

By Fernanda Coppel
Originally produced at Second Stage Theatre, New York, NY
July 13 - August 15, 2015

About the Premiere Production:

(Photo by Karen Pittman.)

Sports agent Liz Rico has money and an elite client roster but a woman in a man’s industry has to fight to stay on top. She’s worked twice as hard to get where she is and wants to take over the agency that she's helped build. Enter Freddie Luna, a high school basketball superstar with a troubled past. If Liz can keep this talented yet volatile young star in line, she just might end up making not only his career, but her own as well. But at what price?

Cast: Michael Cullen, Jeremie Harris, Russell G. Jones, Caroline Lagerfelt, Irene Sofia Lucio, and Karen Pittman.

Director: Lisa Peterson
Scenic Design: Dane Laffrey
Costume Design: Jessica Pabst
Lighting Design: Tyler Micoleau
Sound Design: Darron L. West
Fight Director: Corey Pierno
Production Stage Manager: Lori Ann Zepp
Stage Manager: Alisa Zeljeznjak

• "Review: ‘King Liz,’ at the Top of Her Game and Wanting More," New York Times, July 27, 2015
• "King Liz’ Zeroes in Brilliantly on the Internecine World of Sports," Observer, July 29, 2015

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