by Amy Herzog directed by Anne Kauffman
Originally produced at Yale Repertory Theatre Atlanta, GA
April 29 to May 20, 2017

About the Premiere Production:


Synopsis: As Mary Jane navigates both the mundane and the unfathomable realities of caring for Alex, her chronically ill young son, she finds herself building a community of women from many walks of life. Mary Jane is Pulitzer Prize finalist Amy Herzog’s remarkably powerful and compassionate portrait of a contemporary American woman striving for grace.

Artistic Statement: Mary Jane is a profoundly moving play that follows the journey of a single mother navigating her son’s disability. In Ms. Herzog’s capable hands, we see Mary Jane move through her day-to-day life, with moments mundane and dramatic, tedious and spiritual, juxtaposed. At the same time, the play examines how class and privilege affect families dealing with disability and the inequities inherent in American society. I can think of few other plays that explore disability, class, and American society the way that Mrs. Herzog does in Mary Jane, and Ms. Herzog’s skill, intelligence, and sensitivity reverberate throughout the entire work. 

Grant Statement: The Edgerton New Play Award will allow the playwright and director, and their creative team, more time for artistic exploration.

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