The Amateurs

by Jordan Harrison
Originally produced at Vineyard Theatre, New York, NY
Begins February 8, 2018

About the Premiere Production:

Synopsis: In The Amateurs, a scrappy troupe of pageant players races across 14th-century Europe, struggling to outrun the Black Death — and medieval subscribers. The arrival of a mysterious new actor sends Hollis, the leading lady, in search of answers that can only be found off-script… and soon one century’s plague begins to look a lot like another, more recent, one. Wildly inventive, funny, and deeply moving, The Amateurs examines the origins of creativity: When does a crisis destroy art, and when does it set it spinning? An epic new work from Pulitzer Prize finalist Jordan Harrison (MARJORIE PRIME, “Orange is the New Black”), directed by Oliver Butler, Obie Award-winning director of THE OPEN HOUSE..

Director: Oliver Butler

Pictured: Pulitzer Prize finalist Jordan Harrison. Photo by HollenderX2.

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