An Entomologist's Love Story

by Melissa Ross
Originally produced at San Francisco Playhouse, San Francisco, CA
May 8 to June 23, 2018

About the Premiere Production:

Synopsis: Working at the Museum of Natural History has its ups and downs for entomologists Betty and Jeff. As they research the mating rituals of bugs, they find their own complicated relationships increasingly under the microscope. An Entomologist’s Love Story is a hilarious, edgy and explicit look at love in our times.

Artist Statement:In our current world we are seeing a rise of anti-intellectualism and negative attitudes towards science. While this play’s main focus is on love and how we date, by setting it against a scientific and evolutionary background we are able to closely examine the science of sex and our own evolutionary purpose. By equating love and science, we are able to make science more accessible for a larger audience. Telling stories that incorporate scientific themes can help combat this new wave of anti-intellectualism. “Entomologist’s” will become a lasting addition to the American Canon because its story is rooted in our evolution as a species.

Director:  Giovanna Sardelli
Set Designer: Nina Ball
Lighting Designer: Kurt Landisman
Costume Designer: Brooke Jennings
Sound Designer:Teddy Hulsker
Prop Designer: Jacquelyn Scott

Additional funders: Executive Producers Scott Walecka & Martha Seaver; Producers Betty Hoener and Gary & Dana Shapiro; Associate Producers Steve & Karin Chase, Kate Miller, Andy Kerr & Nancy Thompson; and Artistic Underwriters Elizabeth Werter & Henry Trevor.

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