Blind Date

by Rogelio Martinez
Originally produced at Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL
January 20 to February 25, 2018

About the Premiere Production:

Synopsis: Blind Date is a compulsively fascinating backstage glimpse of one of the 20th century's landmark historical events, infused with sly humor and unexpected wisdom. In an era before Twitter and eHarmony, two of history's oddest couples seek to thaw the seemingly intractable relationship between the United States and Soviet Russia. Despite their advisors' efforts to keep them on track, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev eschew conventional protocols to discuss pop culture and old movies--while their wives mirror their husbands' negotiations in a passive-aggressive tango over tea and fashion choices. A compelling and edgy comic journey through the dizzying intricacies of statesmanship.

Artistic Statement: “A compelling and timely new play by Rogelio Martinez—one of the smartest and daring contemporary playwrights—Blind Date takes audiences to a key moment in our history to search for inspiration at a time when many Americans despair of our collective future,” said Robert Falls. “Examining the viewpoints and decisions of two titanic figures assumed to be implacable foes, Rogelio’s play reminds us that all people remain capable of change…and that a simple human connection can sometimes be enough to begin to tackle enormous challenges.”

Grant Statement: The grant will support one additional week of rehearsal during which Martinez, Falls and the cast can work on the piece in preparation for its world premiere. The extra time will allow the team to fine-tune the precise diplomatic language of the play, and ensure that the work fully communicates the stakes of the portrayed historical event, which many patrons are too young to remember first-hand.

Director: Robert Falls
Set Designer: Riccardo Hernandez
Lighting Designer: Aaron Spivey
Costume Designer: Amy Clark
Sound Designer:Richard Woodbury
CastThomas Cox, William Dick, Deanna Dunagan, Mary Beth Fisher, Torrey Hanson, Gregory Linington, Marty Lodge, Michael Milligan, Steve Pickering, Rob Riley

Additional funders: JPMorgan Chase, Time Warner Foundation, The Pritzker-Pucker Foundation, The Glasser and Rosenthal Family, Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust, The Joyce Foundation

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