This Ain't No Disco

musical & lyrics by Stephen Trask & Peter Yanowitz
book by Rick Elice

directed by Trip Cullman
Originally produced at Atlantic Theater Company, New York, NY
May 11 to July 1, 2018

About the Premiere Production:

Synopsis: Set against the grit, the garbage strikes, the graffiti of 1979 New York City, This Ain’t No Disco tells the story of drifters and dreamers searching for their place in the night world of Studio 54 and Mudd Club. In their uptown/downtown quest for revelry and kinship, every decision is fateful in a city where one’s fate can turn on a dime bag.

Artistic Statement: I was first introduced to This Ain’t No Disco two summers ago when I saw a workshop of the show at New York Stage and Film. It immediately became clear to me that Disco’s edgy sensibility and visceral music and lyrics made it a perfect fit for Atlantic and our audiences. The musical’s sung-through score represents a compelling combination of rock and musical theater storytelling. The story itself embodies a powerful exploration of self-discovery and found-family, chronicling the story of an eclectic group of people trying to find their place in the gritty yet vibrant world of 1970s New York. What’s more, the musical's message of inclusivity and diversity is a vital one in today’s America where we’re fighting to ensure that underrepresented stories are told not just in art but in everyday life.

Grant Statement: This Ain’t No Disco is a compelling project in so many ways. Yet musicals are incredible undertakings with many moving parts. This is particularly the case with large-scale projects like Disco, which features well over a dozen cast members and a wide range of locations depicting New York City’s diverse and exciting nightlife during the late 1970s. With support from the Edgerton Foundation, we’ll be able to extend the rehearsal period for our production, giving us the time to incorporate the musical’s many requirements while providing the show’s creators with ample time to make revisions and prepare for the best world premiere possible.



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