by Lucy Thurber
Originally produced at MCC Theater, New York, NY
April 5 to May 13, 2018

About the Premiere Production:

Synopsis: Cristofer and Clarence are two gifted students from the South Bronx. After two years at a local community college being coached by faculty members, the young men are competing for a life-changing scholarship at an elite northeast university. During a campus visit, the young men are unexpectedly confronted with their shared past while trying to break through a system that seems designed to keep them on the outside. How do you break through a system designed to lock you out?

Artistic Statement: We selected this play for our 17-18 Season because we believe in Lucy’s voice and we believe in the truth she has captured in Transfers. Working with our Youth Company, we have too frequently seen bright, young minds who are underserved by their school experience and not given the resources or adequate tools to prepare them for life out of high school. We have also seen diligent students who were at the top of their high school class struggle once they get to college, due to a system that is inherently easier to navigate for young people who come from what might be considered a more privileged background or better school system. That’s the real work right now and the world of Lucy Thurber’s Transfers This play looks at the harsh, uncomfortable reality of what it takes to get a fair chance in a world designed to keep you down. This is a story that needs to be told, and especially now, as our country is having a conversation about education policies and access and equality – or inequality – within our education systems. This is an issue that needs to be talked about in many forums. We’re uniquely positioned to bring an audience into the conversation.

Grant Statement: This generous award from the Edgerton Foundation will allow us to extend the rehearsal time for Transfers to better serve Lucy, Jackson, and the cast as they embark on telling this nuanced and impactful story.

Director:  Jackson Gay
Set Designer: Donyale Werle
Lighting Designer:  Russell Champa
Costume Designer: Jessica Ford
Sound Designer:Broken Cord
Dramaturg:Ignacio Delgado

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