Goodnight, Tyler

by B.J. Tindal
Originally produced at Alliance Theatre, Atlanta, GA
February 16 - March 10, 2019

About the Premiere Production::

Synopsis: Depending on whom you ask, “Tyler Evans was a beloved best friend, grandson, mentor, and fiancée,” or “Tyler Evans was a young Black man killed by a police officer.” Desperate to control the contradicting narratives of his untimely passing, Tyler haunts his best friend as his other friends and relatives quibble over his legacy, seeking an elusive common ground. A contemporary and unexpectedly humorous drama. Winner of the 2019 Alliance/Kendeda National Graduate Playwriting Competition.

Artistic Statement: The Alliance/Kendeda Competition has a stellar track record of second productions of winning plays. To date eight out of 14 winners have gone on to second or more productions, with IN THE RED AND BROWN WATER and IN LOVE AND WARCRAFT receiving productions in other countries as well as the United States. GOODNIGHT, TYLER is already accumulating buzz since B.J. was announced as the winner. Its tone is unusual, thought-provoking, dramatic, and very funny. It feels necessary and immediate, a way of starting a conversation among many different kinds of Americans. It is also one of the most producible plays to grow out of the Black Lives Matter movement and moment. B.J. has been described as “a unique talent” or “a new voice,” and this small cast, diverse, humorous, and important play will impact the American Theatre years after the first production.

Grant Statement: With an additional week of rehearsal, GOODNIGHT, TYLER will rehearse from January 22 – February 15, 2019, with 24 performances from February 16 – March 10. Support from the Edgerton Foundation allows us to extend GOODNIGHT, TYLER’s rehearsal period from a budgeted three to four weeks which enables the creative team to adjust the script. An extra week gives the team time to go down creative roads, see results, and make changes as opposed to working in a linear fashion without seeing results until the week of opening night.

Director:  Kent Gash
Set Designer: Jason Sherwood
Lighting Designer: Liz Lee
Costume Designer: Kara Harmon
Sound Designer:David Lamont Wilson

Additional funders: Kendeda Fund, The Harold & Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust

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