2018 Fall Forum - Performance Discounts

Each year, our Member Theatres in New York City offer exclusive discounts to TCG Members attending the Fall Forum. See below for discounted opportunities to see theatre while you are in town for the convening, and check back for additions to this page between now and November!




Written by Donja R. Love

Directed by Saheem Ali

Somewhere in the Jim Crow South, the sky is on fire. A pregnant Olivia’s fierce speech writing is the sole force behind her charismatic husband Charles and his successful Movement to galvanize people to march towards freedom. When four little girls are bombed in a church, Olivia and Charles’ marriage is threatened – as this tragedy and years of civil unrest leave Olivia believing that “this world ain’t no place to raise a colored child.”

Tickets: $49.50 (plus fees); get tickets here using the code TCGATC


The Thanksgiving Play

Written by Larissa FastHorse

Directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel

Ah, Thanksgiving, that most American of holidays: when families gather to celebrate the warmth of home, the bounty of the harvest — and a legacy of genocide and violent colonial expansion. Good intentions collide with absurd assumptions in Larissa FastHorse’s wickedly funny satire, as a troupe of terminally “woke” teaching artists scrambles to create a pageant that somehow manages to celebrate both Turkey Day and Native American Heritage Month.

Tickets: $34.50 (plus fees); get tickets here using the code TTPTCG



Mother of the Maid

Written by Jane Anderson

Directed by Matthew Penn

MOTHER OF THE MAID tells the story of Joan of Arc’s mother (Glenn Close), a sensible, hard-working, God-fearing peasant woman whose faith is upended as she deals with the baffling journey of her odd and extraordinary daughter. This riveting play is an epic tale told through an unexpected and remarkable new perspective.

Emmy nominee Matthew Penn ("Law and Order," "The Sopranos," "Damages") directs this deeply moving drama about the glories and challenges of raising an exceptional child.

Tickets: $55 (plus fees); get tickets here with the code TCG18 or by calling 212.967.7555


Eve's Song



Eve’s Song

Written by Patricia Ione Lloyd

Directed by Jo Bonney

In the aftermath of a messy divorce and a daughter coming out as queer, Deborah is trying to keep things normal at home. But as black people continue to be killed beyond their four walls, the outside finds its way in, blurring the lines between family dynamics, politics, and the spirit world. How long can family dinners keep the dangers outside at bay?

Filled with dark humor and boiling suspense, Eve’s Song examines our present racial climate through the eyes of a regular American family. deeply moving drama about the glories and challenges of raising an exceptional child.

Tickets: $40 (plus fees); get tickets here with the code TCGEVE or by calling 212.967.7555


Wild Goose Dreams



Wild Goose Dreams

Written by Hansol Jung

Directed by Leigh Silverman

After its initial run in Public Studio, Hansol Jung’s fascinating and unforgettable new play Wild Good Dreams returns to The Public in a co-production with La Jolla Playhouse, where it had a critically-acclaimed run last season.

Minsung is a “goose father,” a South Korean man whose wife and daughter have moved to America for a better life. Deeply lonely, he escapes onto the internet and meets Nanhee, a young defector forced to leave her family behind in North Korea. Amidst the endless noise of the modern world, where likes and shares have taken the place of love and touch, Minsung and Nanhee try their best to be real for each other. But after a lifetime of division and separation, is connection possible?

Tickets: $45 (plus fees); get tickets here with the code TCGWILD or by calling 212.967.7555




Written by Samuel D. hunter

Directed by Davis McCallum

A gutted theater. Two plays. One epic evening. An achingly human exploration of the end of the American experiment.

Each night, the two plays LEWISTON/CLARKSTON will be performed together, in an intimate space for a small audience of only 51 guests who will gather to watch, to share a catered meal between the two productions, and to consider as a community our place in the ongoing American experiment. The evening will run about 3.5 hours in total.

Together the plays focus on two modern-day descendants of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Set at a failing fireworks stand in Lewiston, Idaho, and across the river at a big box store in Clarkston, Washington, the plays LEWISTON and CLARKSTON share the essential question: what is the true legacy of the great American push West?

Tickets: $10 discount with code FRIENDS; get tickets here or by calling 212.627.2556







Written by Theresa Rebeck

Directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel

Mark Twain wrote: “There are five kinds of actresses: bad actresses, fair actresses, good actresses, great actresses. And then there is Sarah Bernhardt.” In 1897, the international stage celebrity set out to tackle her most ambitious role yet: Hamlet. Theresa Rebeck’s new play rollicks with high comedy and human drama, set against the lavish Shakespearean production that could make or break Bernhardt’s career. Janet McTeer, “one of the finest classical actresses of her generation” (The Telegraph), brings the legendary leading lady to life.


Tickets: $79 (select mezzanine) to $99 (select orchestra and mezzanine); get tickets here with the code BHTCG or by calling 212.719.1300. You may also use the code in person at the American Airlines Theatre Box Office (227 W. 42nd Street).



Written by Alexi Kaye Campbell

Directed by Daniel Aukin


You do not mess with Kristin Miller. In the 1960s, she was a radical activist and political protester. Now a celebrated art historian, the publication of her memoir threatens to split her family apart. But Kristin has never been one to shy away from a fight.


Direct from London, Alexi Kaye Campbell’s biting play makes its New York debut with the “Magnificent” (The Independent) Stockard Channing in a powerhouse performance as a woman facing the repercussions of her past. Apologia is a passionate, human and humorous clash of generations and beliefs—a lively look at yesterday’s rebels living in today’s reality.

Tickets: $59 (select orchestra and mezzanine); get tickets here with the code APTCG or by calling 212.719.1300. You may also use the code in person at the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre (111 W. 46th Street).





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