2005 Fall Forum on Governance

Art in the Board Room

New York City, November 11-13, 2005

About the Program:

While other years have focused on management structure and financial issues, the 2005 Fall Forum took a radically different approach. This gathering focused on the artistic process (with a special emphasis on playwriting), taking a careful look at the various elements of theatrical production and the inextricable links between financial planning and artistic mission/aspiration. Board members traditionally feel comfortable in evaluating financial performance, relying on balance sheets and box office receipts. Artistic evaluation and especially artistic leadership evaluation is far more problematic: how do we evaluate and measure right brain activities and achievement? Are there ways boards can begin to think differently about artistic accomplishment? Are there measurements we should consider beyond critical reviews and box office receipts? What is the role of creativity in true leadership? Discussion topics included: the director/actor relationship, evaluation of creativity, how to talk with artists about their work and the business of theatre art, among others. The Fall Forum brought together approximately 170 participants.

Click here for an agenda.

Click here to view the 2005 Fall Forum participant list.


Click here for the How to Talk About Success: Evaluation of Creativity Panel Discussion.

Click here for Lee Devin's Transcript from The Business of Theatre Art, The Art of Theatre Business.

Click here for Ben Cameron's Closing Remarks.

Program Calendar:

On Friday, November 11, events were held at the Bryant Park Grill.

On Saturday, November 12, events wre held at Roundabout Theatre Company's American Airlines Theatre and Theatre Row.

On Sunday, November 13, events were held at Roundabout Theatre Company's American Airlines Theatre.

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