2010 Fall Forum on Governance

Changing Lives

New York City, November 12-14, 2010

About the Program:

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus claimed the only constant is change, and yet we are still surprised by it! Would anyone have predicted the precipitous changes experienced since 2000? The threat of Y2K was child’s play compared with the major events we’ve seen in the past ten years. Today, entire industries are either defined or defeated by the way their leaders adapt to the changing environment. Change isn’t always negative; on the contrary, it often signals new levels of maturity.

The 2010 Fall Forum investigated how lives and lifestyles have changed in the new economy. Artistic pursuits changed lives as well, and that was the reason many of us chose this path—whether as a career or as a volunteer commitment. How have theatre leaders and trustees thought about their impact on their artists and audiences, in their communities and through their education programs? Additionally, what were the implications for the business models used to accomplish the theatre work? The Keynote speaker was Douglas B. Wilson, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. Discussion topics included: economic survival and sustainable yield, alternative staffing structures, stewardship in a time of change, banishing burnout and changing lives on a global scale, among others. The Fall Forum brought together approximately 124 participants.

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Transcripts & Audio Recordings:

Click here to read the transcript of Douglas B. Wilson's Keynote Address.

Click here to listen to Douglas B. Wilson's Keynote Address (mp3) audio recording.

Program Calendar:

On Friday, November 12, events were held at the Bryant Park Grill.

On Saturday, November 13, events were held at The Desmond Tutu Center.

On Sunday, November 14, events were held at The Desmond Tutu Center.

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