2012 TCG Fall Forum on Governance


2012 TCG Fall Forum on Governance: Leading the Charge
November 9 –11, 2012

Leadership has always been a central theme of TCG’s annual Fall Forum on Governance. By assembling an intimate group of theatre trustees, senior staff and dynamic speakers to engage with urgent matters of governance, the Fall Forum empowers attendees with the new ideas, connections and tools needed to lead their theatres and the field. The 2012 Fall Forum on Governance: Leading the Charge will focus on diversity and inclusion.

The strategic value of diversity for organizations is well-documented – and the moral urgency of inclusion often discussed – but how can we move from discussion into action? What working models exist to diversify our artistry, staff, board and audience? How can we practice inclusion across the many intersections of difference, including age, gender, race, class, culture and ability?

We begin by realizing there is a charge – a magnetic, electric current – that occurs when we bring people of differing perspectives and experiences into a room together. How can we harness that energy to power our artistry, our organizations and our communities? We need to also remember that we are charged with serving those communities by truly reflecting them on our stages. Finally, we must acknowledge that our communities are changing, becoming more open and diverse every year, and if we want to remain relevant, we must lead the charge or risk being left behind.

This Fall Forum will provide working models to tackle questions like:

• How can we ensure more diversity in positions of leadership at our theatres?
• How can we make diverse audiences an integral part of our communities?
• How do we ensure our boards represent a diversity of thought and perspective?
• How do we welcome artists of all backgrounds to the table?

Above all, you’ll be able to identify what diversity means to you and your theatre. Every community holds different challenges and opportunities, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Achieving an inclusive, vibrant diversity begins with theatre leaders adapting these values to meet their local circumstances and make them truly their own.

Diversity has been a long-standing core value for TCG and a priority focus of our new strategic plan. Coming out of robust conversations at the 2012 National Conference in Boston, we hope to continue the momentum and empower attendees with the models and tools needed to lead the charge.

For more information, contact Devon Berkshire.

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