Theatre leaders have long known the value of research in guiding decisions, measuring progress, and demonstrating the impact of our ephemeral art form. But has this age of Big Data improved our capacity to make strategic choices, or have we lost the signal through the noise? If it’s true that we measure what we value--and then value what we measure--how can we be sure we’re measuring what really counts...and then putting it into practice? From November 11-13 in New York City, an intimate group of trustees and theatre leaders will explore these questions at the 2016 Fall Forum on Governance: Measuring Up. Attendees will engage with thought leaders on emerging research trends in the theatre field and beyond, and hear case studies from peers that have successfully integrated mission-driven and data-informed decision-making into their board and staff leadership culture. There will also be hands-on sessions for attendees to put theory into practice through innovative online tools and platforms, and discussions on how research can help shift our field-wide challenges. 

Check out our 2016 Fall Forum Impact report here.

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