If, as Will Durant once interpreted from the words of Aristotle, “we are what we repeatedly do,” then our theatre’s identity is a reflection of our everyday actions, both in and outside of our organization’s walls. From the board room to the rehearsal room, the integrity of that identity is becoming increasingly important to our audiences, communities, employees, and even to our funders. At this year’s Fall Forum on Governance: CultureMakers, we will take a look behind the curtain, discussing and articulating best practices for one of our field’s most elusive and least-examined challenges: organizational culture. From hiring and retention; to organizational design and values statements; to employee development and artist well-being; to anti-harassment and misconduct policies, and equity, diversity, and inclusion – organizational culture can be a loosely understood and broadly defined concept. One thing is certain, however: strong cultures breed resilient and productive organizations. From November 9-11 in New York City, Fall Forum attendees will engage with their peers and thought leaders from beyond our field to uncover the business imperatives for creating a vibrant and supportive workplace, and determine the best way to align their organization’s culture with its mission and strategy. Join TCG and your fellow culture-makers as we work toward making all of our theatres happier, healthier, and more enriching places to work.

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