TCG National Conference 2006

Building Future Audience

The 16th TCG National Conference, Building Future Audience, was hosted in 2006 by the Atlanta theatre community. The conference will be held at the Woodruff Arts Center, home of the Alliance Theatre, from June 8-10, 2006, with a pre-conference program beginning in the morning on June 8th. In 2005, our conference examined the widening polarization in American society and the fraying of social discourse. The 2006 conference built on those conversations and turned more specifically to issues of social organizing and connection. How can theatres connect to the dialogues happening in the communities they serve? Can theatres become leaders in organizing and mobilizing communities? Given the diversity of the theatre field, how do we embrace and respond to the full diversity of the communities where we live and work?


The Atlanta Theatre Community


The 2006 TCG National Conference was supported by a number of government agencies, foundations and corporations.

See a list of our conference funders.


Most events were be held at the Woodruff Arts Center, home of the Alliance Theatre.


Atlanta Convention & Visitor's Bureau
Visiting Atlanta: The Official Site of the City of Atlanta
Atlanta Travel Guide


For more information, contact National Conference Director Jenni Werner

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