2013 Programmatic Arcs

The Arcs

To further focus our time in Dallas together, we organized breakout, affinity and plenary sessions into focused programmatic arcs. While attendees were free to roam among sessions, these arcs offered a deep dive into these key areas—a “conference within the Conference” that captured the intimacy of our smaller convenings.

Why arcs? Because these interconnected sessions were a Conference-long journey, matching those ready to Learn specific models with those ready to Teach, and connecting attendees with shared goals to mobilize together and Do. Inspired by the examples of our 2012 Fall Forum on Governance: Leading the Charge and Audience (R)Evolution Learning Convening, these arcs fostered a more rigorous engagement with the material and deeper connections with fellow attendees. Here are the arcs as described to attendees for the 2013 Conference:


Artistic Innovation

How can we step off the assembly line of play production and create truly innovative work? Inspired by Howard Shalwitz’s keynote address at the 2012 National Conference: Model the Movement in Boston, this arc will empower participants to build creative risk into their regular programming. Want to Learn the best practices of documentary theatre? Teach how to fully integrate designers into the generative process? Change how the field structures artistic research and development? This is the arc to Do it.


Audience Engagement

Everyone’s talking about audience engagement, but who is actually making it work? Following up on our 2013 Audience (R)Evolution Learning Convening in Philadelphia, this arc will connect attendees with practical tactics for audience engagement and community development. Ready to Learn how social media can lead to real growth in attendance? Teach your successful strategy for turning first-time ticket buyers into regular attendees? Transform how our movement thinks about what audience engagement really means? Let’s Do it.


Diversity and Inclusion

At our 2012 Fall Forum on Governance: Leading the Charge, we shared the strategic value—and moral urgency—of diversity, and began taking steps towards a truly inclusive theatre movement. Now is the time build on that momentum by setting specific goals for diversity and sharing working models of inclusion. Eager to Learn how to create a diversity action plan for your organization? Teach how you inspired your staff to make inclusion a daily priority? Set some audacious goals for an equitable theatre world? Now is the time to Do it.


Financial Adaptation

From struggling to sustaining to thriving: In challenging financial times, how do we get there from here? While change is never easy, adapting your theatre’s financial structure can be the most difficult change of all. It helps to study the maps of those who have navigated similar journeys, and this arc will connect those who have been there with those who are ready to go. Time to Learn how to manage a move from your theatre’s longtime home? Teach about your organization’s major board expansion? Advocate for a funding field that responds to what theatres actually need? Together, we can Do it.

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