Game Change: It’s that moment when an unlikely dream suddenly becomes reality and more becomes possible. The rules change, the pieces on the board flip, and the world scrambles to adapt to the vision of the game-changer. Our not-for-profit theatre movement was launched by our game-changing founders, and is renewed by every theatre-maker that dares to create a new artistic form, or forge a deeper connection to our communities, or find a more sustainable way to support our theatres.

From June 18-20, 2015 in Cleveland, OH, TCG’s 25th National Conference convened hundreds of theatre people to empower game-changing moments through peer exchange, model sharing and exciting speakers... and when the largest national gathering of theatre people turns 25, it’s also time for a party! Game Change offered plenty of exciting social events to celebrate theatre and the game-changers who make our field so vital.

This 25th National Conference was also an opportunity to reconnect and reexamine our purpose. What began as an intimate gathering of game-changing founders has blossomed into a diverse, multi-generational exchange between hundreds of theatre people from across the world. We posed questions about what the role of the National Conference should be now and how our coming together for three days could lead to stronger relationships, groundbreaking ideas and an ever more vital theatre ecology.

Amid these game-changing questions, we provided more impactful programming than ever. We hosted tightly-focused skills-building journeys, each carefully designed for practitioners of different experience levels, budget sizes and aesthetic interest. Attendees were able to “choose their own adventure” more easily than before, and emerge with clear take-aways to “level up” their work. Click here to watch video highlights from Game Change in Cleveland.

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