Volunteer Roles

The following is a list of some of the roles that volunteers may be asked to fill at a TCG Conference. This list is not exhaustive.


Event Assistant


Event Assistants primarily help with set-up and clean-up at large conference events and plenary sessions. This may involve light furniture moving. These volunteers may also be asked to assist with welcoming participants to the event, applying wrist bands or other markers if necessary.


Reports to: Conference Staff




Floaters are volunteers who are primarily on call. They will be asked to remain in a certain location and be available to help with various tasks as needed. These tasks may include arranging furniture in session rooms, assisting conference staff with special projects, providing information to conference attendees, and other similar tasks.


Reports to: Conference Staff




Guides will be responsible for helping conference participants move between conference locations. This may be an indoor or outdoor activity.


Reports to: Conference Staff


Registration Assistant


Registration Assistants help to facilitate the conference registration process. This involves tasks such as directing traffic to the registration tables, assembling badges, and generally providing assistance to the conference registration staff.


Reports to: Registration Staff


Session Assistant


Some Breakout Sessions and other discussion sessions may require additional staff. Session Assistants will help a TCG staff member to ensure that the space (seating, AV, etc.) meets the needs of the session leader.


Reports to: TCG Session Staff




Ushers are used primarily at Plenary Sessions. They will be responsible for guiding participants into the auditorium and helping to ensure that the plenary session begins on time.


Reports to: Conference Staff / TCG Session Staff