Corporate & Business Sponsorship


Theatre Communications Group (TCG) is the catalytic center of a network of theatre people building more creative, diverse and civically engaged communities through theatre. When you sponsor TCG, you…

        Reach key theatre leadership with direct influence and buying power across the country

        Build brand awareness and highlight your products and services

        Cultivate clients by demonstrating services and thought-leadership

        Stay informed on industry trends through TCG’s research and breaking news from American Theatre magazine


…as well as…

        Fund solutions that addresses systemic inequities in our communities

        Enrich the American cultural landscape

        Support national research and arts advocacy at the Federal level

        Underwrite scholarships for TCG convenings and professional development

        Preserve arts journalism and critical discourse through TCG’s editorial platforms (digital, print, podcasts)

        ●      Bolster theatre education programs

        Make the U.S. theatre more diverse, vibrant, and innovative


Download TCG’s Sponsorship deck and learn more about custom sponsorships,  which include an annual TCG Business Affiliate Membership and exhibiting opportunities at TCG's national events.

For more information, please contact Kevin Bitterman, Director of Institutional Advancement & Partnerships at
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