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“Langi Voices”, by Gerard Stropnicky

This event was either the culmination of a long, complex journey, or merely the next step. We’ll see. I’d come to Uganda at the invitation of Lango community leader Okweny George Ongom (George for short) and Kampala-based producer Alberto Mubiru. The three of us had met four years prior, when I visited east Africa as part of a team traveling with playwright Erik Ehn, investigating the place of art in post-genocide Rwanda and post-conflict northern Uganda [...]

"Wrocław’s Theatre Tribe at Poland’s Dialog Festival”, by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

I met Philip Arnoult for the first time at a bookstore/café tucked in an alley behind the Grotowski Institute in central Wrocław, a charming Polish city (pronounced, if you’re wondering, vrotz-waff). “I’m so glad you’re here,” he told me when he saw me, grabbing my arm firmly. [...]

“PUSH! Real Athletes. Real Stories. Real Theatre.”, By Sara Zatz

Sometimes making theater can feel more like an endurance test than like making art. We sit in the theater for a 10 out of 12. We go to rehearsal night after night, not seeing our friends or families until the show is done. But you know what is really an endurance test? Swimming across Lake Ontario for 36 hours, using only your arms. [...]

TCG International Delegation to Cuba 2015

Theatre Communications Group has assembled 25 U.S. theatre leaders to attend the 16th Festival de Teatro de La Habana, October 20-26, 2015 in Havana, Cuba. TCG has recently organized similar delegations to Fujairah (UAE), China, Sudan, Chile, Colombia, Spain, and a prior trip to Cuba in 2013, catalyzing numerous international projects and artist-to-artist exchanges. The Festival will honor the 30th anniversary of the celebrated Teatro Buendía, and feature a screening of the recently restored full-length feature film Tell Me Lies by Peter Brook. [...]

“It’s Sunrise in Cuba. Will the Light Reach the Stage?”, by Sage Lewis

On your mark, get set, go! The announcements of normalization made by Barack Obama and Raúl Castro last Dec. 17 resulted in instant optimism for significant segments of the U.S. and Cuban populations. In Fidel and Raul’s hometown of Santiago, the largest city on the eastern side of Cuba, near uantánamo, a celebratory Afro-Cuban conga procession materialized in the streets that same day. [...]

“The Everyday Artistry in Sudan Shines on World Theatre Day”, by Derek Goldman

How does a nice Jewish boy from the northeast United States find himself in the middle of a cemetery in Khartoum as part of a Sufi ritual, surrounded by hundreds of Sudanese men, women and children, dancing, whirling and trancing? How do I find myself dancing along and feeling so strangely at home and enveloped by the colossal warmth of the community? [...]

“The Cuban Theatre Crisis”, by Diana Buirski

Last March we joined a delegation of 19 U.S theatre professionals on a one-week research program to Cuba, organized by Theatre Communications Group. We each had our own reasons for visiting Cuba. Some had specific theatre projects in mind that they needed to investigate. Some came from theatres in cities with substantial Cuban or Latino populations. All of us viewed the delegation as a one-of-a-kind introduction to contemporary Cuban performance. [...]

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