Membership Listing

Connect with the world of professional theatre by joining the TCG network! Stay up to date in the world of not-for-profit theatre and engage with the theatre community at large. Through a TCG Individual Membership, you will have access to resources that will provide an inside perspective on the national theatre landscape and receive 10 issues per year of AMERICAN THEATRE magazine PLUS unlimited access to

Trustee Leadership Network Membership

Strengthen your role on your theatre’s board by engaging with the theatre community at large. By joining the Trustee Leadership Network, theatre leaders gain access to greater resources for trustees to enhance the relationship between your theatre and the the theatre field nationwide.  

Business Affiliate Membership

Expand your company’s network, and cultivate awareness of your product within the theatre industry through TCG Membership. By connecting with theatre leaders nationwide, and staying current on theatrical news and trends, Business Affiliates gain a unique advantage in the world of live storytelling.

University Affiliate Membership

Enhance your university’s theatre education by connecting your institution and students to the professional theatre field. With access to the latest theatre news and trends nationwide, University Affiliates gain an edge in putting their teachings into practice.

Not-for-Profit Affiliate Membership

Engage with the not-for-profit theatre field, and become part of TCG’s nationwide network of theatre makers and advocates. Enhance your organization’s relationship with the theatre community, through the learning, networking, and advocacy opportunities provided by a TCG Not-for-Profit Affiliate membership.

Funder Affiliate Membership

Join the conversation between grantmakers and grantseekers to deepen your organization’s understanding of the not-for-profit theatre field on a national scale. In creating relationships with the theatre community and staying informed through a TCG Membership, Funder Affiliates widen their reach and strengthen their impact.

International Affiliate Membership

Bridge the gap between your arts organization and the national theatre community in the United States through becoming part of TCG’s growing international network. Build connections with the not-for-profit theatre field by unlocking the informative resources and networking opportunities that an International Affiliate membership provides.
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