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AMERICAN THEATRE is the essential periodical about not-for-profit professional theatre. Leading arts journalists and top professionals from the field contribute to create a dynamic marketplace of ideas, where thoughts and issues are voiced and shared;

A prestigious forum for artists, and a visible platform for bringing to light questions and controversies that affect theatre art and practice;

A must-read vehicle of critical information for the field, designed to showcase the richness and excitement of theatre, nationally and internationally.

AMERICAN THEATRE celebrates the finest and most innovative theatre in America and around the world, taking you inside today's most fascinating productions;

Explores the latest developments in every aspect of theatre;

Profiles the trailblazers that change the theatre with their vision and ingenuity;

Publishes the best new plays of our time.


 Supplementing the content in the printed edition, offers

     * online-only features

     * exclusive audio and video

     * expanded photo galleries and slideshows of productions across the country.  provides readers with up-to-the-minute theatre news and is available anytime, anywhere – on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Each issue of AMERICAN THEATRE includes features, opinion, commentary, essays; Production Notebook, People, Postmark, Books; nationwide production schedules; international festivals, and professional appointments field-wide. Five issues a year publish an entire new playscript, accompanied by an interview with the playwright (July/August, September, December, February and April). And don’t miss our two big annual issues: the October Season Preview, which includes a complete schedule of every production at every Member Theatre across the country, and January's Approaches to Theatre Training.


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