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At AMERICAN THEATRE, we've long published a few regular issues:
• October's Annual Season Preview
• January Approaches to Theatre Training
• May/June International Issue
• July/August: Design & Technology

Now, we're working on giving every issue a theme - not as a promise to definitively cover the last word on every topic, but as a way to focus our attention and go deep on a particular area, trend, or theme that strikes as worthy of more exploration. Some recent examples include Latinx theatre in the U.S., Native American theatre, Angels in America, Fundraising & Development, to name a few.

Story calendar is subject to change

    UP NEXT –
    SEPTEMBER 2018
    Special Section: TIME’S UP FOR THEATRE

      It hasn’t even been a year since the reports of film mogul Harvey Weinstein’s long career of sexual harassment and       assault broke in the national media, thus starting a long overdue examination of toxic misogyny and gender imbalance       not only in culture and media industries but in most professions. The U.S. theatre has had its share of #MeToo       earthquakes as well, with artistic leaders losing jobs as survivors come forward and force companies, and the field, to       reckon with the need for change.

      This issue will tackle these countervailing trends—both the structures of abuse and the efforts to insist that the field       must do better.

       How costume designers dress themselves
       National New Play Network’s commissioning hat trick
      Yale playwriting chair Tarell Alvin McCraney

    RESERVATION DEADLINE: July 13        ART DUE: July 23

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    COMING –

    OCTOBER 2018

    Annual Season Preview Issue:
     A look at educational and engagement programming theatres do based on their seasons.

    RESERVATION DEADLINE: August 15        ART DUE: August 23

Currently on

     Special Section: Theatre Design & Technology      

       Light Headed
       Designers Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer help us see what their directors want to show us

       Andrew Hungerford: Art and Science
       The Artistic Director of Cincinnati’s Know Theatre wears many hats, but his main lens into theatre is lighting design

       Charge of the LED Brigade

       Tomorrow’s lighting technology is already here, through the changeover is not yet complete

Playwright Idris Goodwin’s intoxicating mix of hip-hop and social history
Ilana M. Brownstein, dramaturg’s dramaturg
How Pittsburgh’s Bricolage leads audiences of all abilities through immersive shows
Tina Landau

      Online Exclusives
      Yes, Lighting Design Has a Diversity Problem

      Talking Back: A Protest of Yellowface at the Muny

      A New ‘West Side Story’ Steps Beyond Jerome Robbins

      A Hazy Shade of Theatre: The Case for Clearer Design

      Theatre Unions Rebuke SCOTUS Union Fee Decision

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