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Love or Money: How About Both?
Above and beyond union efforts, some U.S. theatres are making better compensation a central mission.

This Month in Theatre History
From the birth of the Little Theatre movement and the Native American Theatre Ensemble to the death of Bert Williams, February was filled with notable moments in theatre history.

A ‘Flood’ From Many Streams
To respond to Ferguson and the issues it raised, the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis sent Dael Orlandersmith on a one-woman listening tour.

Khaled Hosseini Wants Theatre to Connect People
The author discusses having his novels adapted for the stage.

Sure, Art Is Immeasurable, But People Need to Get Paid
Nonprofit theatre may be driven primarily by mission, not the market, but that’s no excuse for inequity.

Big Bad Boar: A Puppet Comes to Life in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth’
Puppet designer Blair Thomas explains how he created talking puppets for the Lookingglass Theatre production.