Power of Analysis

The next portion of the TEAM website was developed as part of Building a National TEAM: Theatre Education Assessment Models – Phase 2.  While TEAM Phase 1 focused on the creation and application of new models adaptable to specific programs, Phase 2 addresses tabulating data as well as reporting on and disseminating results.

The TEAM project is intended to deepen arts educators’ understanding of assessment by teaching educators how to use assessment models and how to tabulate data from assessment tools. Theatre educators have long recognized the value of articulating the impact of programs but needed stronger tools and training to collect data and offer meaningful results. Theatre educators need to be able to tell the stories about the impact of educational programs and report on the value of these programs using both qualitative and quantitative measures. The TEAM project is meant to help train theatre educators to be able to make valid and reliable claims about the effectiveness of theatre education programs. The following pages provide tools and training to help theatre educators tabulate data, develop valid and reliable conclusions, and generate reports—i.e., articulate, compelling stories—to various audiences.

TEAM Phase 2 Logic Model

In order to demonstrate the objectives and outcomes behind the development of TEAM Phase 2, a logic model is included for this portion of the assessment training.

TEAM Phase 2 Logic Model (PDF)

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