Education Survey

Since 1999, Theatre Communications Group has surveyed our Member Theatres about their education programs. The results of the surveys are featured each year in an annual Special Report on Education, which includes data from this survey as well as education-related data from the TCG Fiscal Survey.

Education Survey 2016 is now closed. Thank you to all participants. Education Survey 2017 will be opened in early 2018.

Publicly Available Education Survey–Related Resources

TCG provides publicly available reporting tools based on data collected from Member Theatres’ participation in the annual Education Survey. In addition to the Search Tool below, a more robust tool that will enable the creation of customized Education Survey–related reports and a database of study guides will soon be available.

Search Tool: Education Survey 2015

TCG provides an online search tool, through which the previous year’s completed surveys of participating theatres can be viewed. Data from Education Survey 2016, the most recently completed year, will be available soon.

Use the Search Tool