Centerpieces and Special Reports

Directed to theatre staff and board members, this section offers in-depth analyses, case studies, and resource tools on specific management issues, as well as reports on research conducted by TCG's Research, Policy & Collective Action department. Topics include governance, marketing, development, education, and general management issues and are curated by specialists in each area. Select from the topics below to see all Centerpieces or Special Reports in that category. Please contact Ilana B. Rose, associate director of research & collective action, at with any questions.

International Programs

May 2006: International Programming in American Theatres: Findings From a National Survey

This report summarizes and analyzes the results of an online survey conducted in June 2005, in which 106 TCG member theatres answered questions about international issues and how they are emerging in the theatres' future plans.

November 2001: A Quick Guide to Successful Visa Applications

True cultural exchange encourages the import of non-U.S. artists and the export of U.S. artists and to be effective, should be unrestrained and equitable. However, the U.S. classifies all touring artists as potential immigrants and subjects them to a burdensome visa procurement process. This guide provides a five-step procedure for mastering the visa application process, including sample letters and a procedural checklist, as well as information on the pertinent categories, forms and timelines.

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