Centerpieces and Special Reports

Directed to theatre staff and board members, this section offers in-depth analyses, case studies, and resource tools on specific management issues, as well as reports on research conducted by TCG's Research, Policy & Collective Action department. Topics include governance, marketing, development, education, and general management issues and are curated by specialists in each area. Select from the topics below to see all Centerpieces or Special Reports in that category. Please contact Ilana B. Rose, associate director of research & collective action, at with any questions.


December 2010: Snapshot Survey—Fall 2010: Online Ticket Sales and Contributions

The growing importance of technology in marketing and fundraising is a frequent topic of interest in TCG meetings, teleconferences and email requests. This report is a compilation of the responses from the 125 theatres that shared information about the extent to which they are selling tickets and receiving contributions online.

November 2009: How to Use Twitter to Build Audience

This Centerpiece explains how Twitter—a social media messaging service that limits its users to 140 characters or less—can be used by theatres to build new audiences. Callie Kimball recaps and expands upon the presentation she gave to TCG member theatres in last August’s Leadership Teleconference. Using real examples from theatres and performing arts organizations around the country, Callie demonstrates the best practices for theatres wanting to explore this new media territory.

May 2004: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: A Look at Software in Theatre

This Centerpiece features a report based on the results from TCG's Snapshot Survey on Software in which 101 member theatres rated the latest software available for ticketing, accounting and fundraising. The report contains an extensive list of resources for software discounts and additional information.

May 2002: Online Fundraising: Moving Beyond the "Give Now!" Button on Your Webpage

What is e-philanthropy? This collection of articles addresses many conditions needed for an integrated approach to online fundraising: the state of online giving nationwide; building an effective online presence via a website and e-newsletter, using the Seattle Repertory Theatre as a case study; proactive and "viral" email campaigns; and a comprehensive list of e-philanthropy resources.

August 2001: Building an Online Presence for Live Theatre: Experience from the Field

Many theatres across the country are searching for Internet strategies that will enhance the organization's work, extend the patrons' online experience and significantly impact the box office. Three articles examine how theatres can enhance their online presence—building strong objectives, understanding who is online and what they want, creating inventive online promotions, the importance of customer service management and the use of "viral marketing" through email.

September 2000:

Acknowledging the ubiquity and extensive potential of the Internet, many theatres are still faced with many questions about how best to implement technology in their organizations. Two education directors relate their journeys—and the subsequent successes and concerns—toward the creation of education programming on the Internet.

August 2000: Caught in the Net

An exploration of the TCG website highlights the useful and beneficial content of the site and provides a basic guide for navigating and finding the information you need.

November 1999: Selling Your Theatre on the Internet

The Internet is revolutionizing the way we live, work and play, but a quick search reveals that TCG member theatres have utilized the internet to greatly varying degrees. The Internet is a Fundraiser's Dream is a primer on ways to use the web to promote a nonprofit organization, including understanding the internet community, using the internet to find and cultivate funding prospects and questions to ponder while establishing an online presence. The list of useful Internet resources can guide your efforts.

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