Disaster Management Resources

The Disaster Management Resource Page has been developed with three primary goals in mind: that all information is current, relevant and easy to navigate. This page will be updated periodically when new research/resources arise. If you have valuable Disaster Management information for the field-at-large that is not currently on TCG's website and/or have suggestions of additional resource categories please contact Ilana B. Rose, associate director of research & collective action, or call (212) 609-5900 x257.

Disaster Philanthropy

Center for Disaster Philanthropy
For those interested in donating to disaster relief efforts, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy is a wonderful place to start. The website includes: basic tips for disaster giving, best practices in disaster management and reliable updates on recent disasters. This organization also administers The Disaster Recovery Fund, a full-service grantmaking tool with an emphasis on the entire landscape of disaster preparedness, disaster response and disaster recovery. They offer one-on-one strategic philanthropic advice.

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