New from PAJ Publications: Fefu and Her Friends
New, Expanded Edition By Maria Irene Fornes

PRESS: Gus Schulenburg | | 212-609-5941 & Salma S. Zohdi | | 212-609-5955


NEW YORK, NY – PAJ Publications, one of TCG’s partner publishers, is pleased to announce the publication of the new, expanded edition of Fefu and Her Friends by the influential playwright Maria Irene Fornes, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the play’s premiere in 1977.


“A testament to Fornes’s influence is the wide range of artists who openly acknowledge her impact on their work or sensibility.”

– Caridad Svich, co-editor,

Conducting a Life:Reflections on the Theatre of Maria Irene Fornes


PAJ Publications has published five volumes of the author’s plays, including, Maria Irene Fornes: Plays, Promenade and Other Plays, What of the Night?: Selected Plays, and Letters from Cuba. For her work, of over four decades, as writer, director, teacher, librettist, and adapter of classics, Maria Irene Fornes has received nine Obie Awards.


“One of the inexhaustible, and indeed great, plays of the last half-century.”– Elinor Fuchs


"The Fornes oeuvre is one of American drama’s most important achievements". – Tony Kushner


Now, for the first time, the volume includes the original version of the play, which takes place in five different environments, as well as a one-set variation. It was conceived and directed by the author two decades after the 1977 production, though she always intended to make available a version for productions in theatres that did not have facilities for multiple settings. Also featured is an interview with Fornes on the play by Bonnie Marranca. 


PHOTO: The original New York Theater Strategy production of “Fefu and Her Friends” at Relativity Media Lab in 1977. Left to right, seated: Connie Cicone, Margaret Harrington, Gordana Rashovich, Gwendolyn Brown, and Carolyn Hearn; standing: Rebecca Schull, Joan Voukides, Janet Biehl. (Photo by Rena Hansen).



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