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First Person Shooter

First Person Shooter

Paul Jenkins

Nick Hern Books

“A substantial, ambitious play of ideas...a play for today that’s also a rare theatrical treat for game-heads. Bullseye!” –Telegraph


“...The play has emotional heart and entertainment value. First Person Shooter is smart and driven – if this is grim reality, let’s have more.” –Birmingham Post


A funny and foreboding play about what happens when gaming and military technology collide.

Seventeen-year-old student Adrian has a serious habit - playing military shooters on his computer games console. Single mum Maggie wants him to study Classics at uni and stop locking himself in his room pwning* n00bs**.


With the help of computer geek Tom, Maggie deciphers gaming lingo in an attempt to reconnect with Adrian. But when a revolutionary new technology Tom has invented gets picked up by the Ministry of Defence, their lives are rocketed from the virtual to the actual battlefield.


*Pwn – (verb) to kill, to annihilate, or to totally dominate your opponent

**n00b – (noun) a novice or somebody unskilled at a particular game

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