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A Girl with a Book and Other Plays

A Girl with a Book and Other Plays

A topical collection of new plays by UK playwright Nick Wood. A Girl with a Book is an honest response to the story of Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by the Taliban. This play has been produced many times in Germany and the UK and raises serious questions about the West’s complex relationship and attitudes to the Muslim world.

Other plays in this wide-ranging collection for young people concern refugees, friendship, loss and courage.


A Girl With a Book
About one man, a middle class writer, and his struggle to understand why a girl in Pakistan was shot by the Taliban simply for going to school. As he explores the possible reasons, he finds himself struggling also with his own prejudices and he has to acknowledge his privilege as white, male and educated, living in a western democracy.

On an ancient fortress, two boys swear a pact of friendship. Eddie and Tim create their own den up on the Knoll, a secret place for heroes. The only problem is, winter is setting in and Eddie won't come down. As the snow falls, Tim must decide whether to take food to Eddie or betray him by telling the grown ups where he is. It is a play about transitions – from childhood to adolescence, from loner to friend.

Mia is of Roma background, a refugee who has lost her home, and most of her family. She has odd bits and pieces in her bag, which have stories attached to them. Mia has received a postcard of this town from her sister, Sofia, who has disappeared. She tells them about Sofia, shows them a photograph and reveals her fears.

A Dream of White Horses
Paul's father, Rick, was a professional climber who fell to his death climbing a cliff in Wales. Paul wants two things -- to climb the same cliff and to find out whether his father's death was an accident or suicide. He is helped by friends Stevie and Martin, from the same town. On the climb Paul discovers what happened to his father, and a great deal about himself.

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