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Overtime Compensation & Not-for-Profit Theatres

The Obama administration has finalized new rules increasing the number of workers eligible to receive overtime compensation. The new requirements will take effect on December 1, 2016, and will raise the threshold for overtime compensation. Learn more about what this shift means for not-for-profit theatres here.

Global Pre-Conference Announces Programming

In collaboration with the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, TCG will host an internationally focused Pre-Conference at Georgetown University on the theme of Finding Home: Migration, Exile, and Belonging. Learn more about programming and register here.

TCG Launches Education Survey 2015

Member Theatre education staff are encouraged to fill out the TCG Education Survey 2015 by the extended deadline of June 1. The survey seeds online search and reporting tools that provide peer benchmarking on demographics, staffing, programming, and more. TCG’s annual Special Report on Education also draws extensively on the survey, and the latest report in now available.

Veterans and Theatre Institute

TCG's first-ever artist-in-residence Maurice Decaul will lead the newly launched Veterans and Theatre Institute (VTI), a pilot program for veterans and active military personnel to experience, study, and create theatre. By developing unique curricula for four communities through engagement with military and community partners, VTI will build sustainable relationships among veterans and the theatre community.

Letter of Support for Color-Conscious Casting

When TCG originally issued the Letter of Support for Katori Hall, Lloyd Suh, and Color-Conscious Casting, the hope was to receive 100 signatures in support. The full Letter with over 1300 signatures appears here and in American Theatre magazine.

TCG Books: Staff Picks

Each month, a TCG staff member will select a TCG Books title that holds a special meaning — whether it’s a show the staffer performed in, a dog-eared acting resource, a writer that continually inspires or simply a favorite play – and we will offer a special discount on that title for the month. For April, Penny Pun, development intern, has selected Middletown by Will Eno, and here’s why.

Wallace Foundation Releases Taking Out the Guesswork

The Wallace Foundation has released a new, free guide designed to help arts organizations use market research to identify ways to build meaningful connections with different audiences. Taking Out the Guesswork: Using Research to Build Arts Audiences draws on evidence gathered from 10 U.S. arts organizations to provide valuable insight and detailed guidelines on how to learn more about current and potential audiences, create effective promotional materials, and more effectively track and assess the results of new audience-building initiatives. Learn more here.